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    Domestic & Commercial Safety Switch Installation Services in Melbourne

    It’s compulsory under Australian law that any houses built after 1991 must have safety switches fitted to the power switchboard. Much like a circuit breaker, safety switches are designed to cut power from the dedicated circuit(s) to protect the person in the event of an electrical fault. A safety switch installation plays a vital role in protecting live bodies from experiencing electric shock. Wingham Electrical can provide your residential or commercial property with a brand new safety switch installation or a switchboard upgrade to help keep occupants safe.

    What Are Safety Switches?

    A safety switch, also commonly known as a Residual Current Device (RCD), is an electrical device that is installed into your switchboard. Safety switches are designed to protect the house’s occupants by cutting off the power to a circuit should any electrical faults happen, making safety switch installation crucial.

    Safety switches measure the current inside a circuit, comparing it with the return current flow of the same circuit. If the RCD has measured a major difference between the currents, namely being greater than 300 mA or 0.3 Amperes, this means that the line has a short circuit. The RCD knows that this increases the likelihood of someone being injured and will therefore cut off the supply of current to that circuit immediately.

    They work in a similar fashion to circuit breakers, but RCDs are made to ensure the safety of people. The reset button on the safety switch allows people to test the “trip” function to ensure it provides the complete protection when required. It’s recommended that they’re manually activated at least once every six months.

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    Our qualified and friendly team understands that all electrical systems must be maintained and repaired correctly, and that this is a job only professional electricians are capable of doing. We’re adamant about ensuring that the properties of our customers arecompletely safe, providing first-rate electrical services and inspections across Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs to ensure all power outlets and connections comply with Australian standards.

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