Domestic & Commercial Switchboard Upgrades


    switchboard upgrades

    Domestic & Commercial Switchboard Upgrades

    Wingham Electrical offers professional switchboard upgrades and installations for houses and workplaces throughout Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. Our certified electricians can look after every aspect of the work required for switchboard upgrades, ensuring that your switchboard is safe, compliant, and in accordance with all relevant industry, state and Australian standards. Don’t risk the safety of your family or employees; ask about our switchboard upgrades today!

    Is Your Switchboard Safe?

    Switchboards are complex devices that are comprised of different connections that break down electric currents into separate smaller circuits. Faulty switchboards are often the cause of many electrical issues, and an electrician will be required to come and upgrade the switchboard so it can handle the electrical requirements of your home or workplace. Buildings that need switchboard upgrades may experience some of the following signs:

    • Flickering lights
    • Fuses blowing
    • Circuit breakers tripping
    • Burning smell around the switchboard
    • Your meter box still uses ceramic fuses

    Why You Should Upgrade Your Old Meter Box

    Older electrical systems can become serious electrical and fire hazards in homes or workplaces if neglected. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to notice if your meter box has any problems and needs to be upgraded. There are a few reasons as to why you should enquire about the switchboard upgrades Wingham Electrical provides:

    Electrical Safety

    Older switchboards and meter boxes don’t provide the same level of electrical safety for homes and workplaces that modern systems can.

    Fire Hazard

    The old wiring in a switchboard can become loosened over time, resulting in arcing that can cause overheating or even fire.

    Meter Box Technology Has Changed

    Over time, electrical regulations and wiring systems change, meaning that an out of date switchboard will be very different and likely not as safe as newer models.

    Safety Switch Requirement

    It is required by Australian law that any houses or workplaces built after 1991 must have a safety switch fitted to their switchboard. These prevent electrical fires and stop the building’s occupants from receiving an electric shock.

    Higher Need for Electricity

    Modern buildings require more and more power for using electrical appliances. Many older switchboards aren’t designed to handle this much electricity, and they can experience overheating, circuit breakers regularly tripping, and a much higher fire risk.

    Regular Short Circuiting

    If the building’s power trips out on a regular basis, this is an indication that your electrical system has problems that need to be resolved.

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    Wingham Electrical provides switchboard upgrades and replacement services across the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Speak with our experienced and knowledgeable electrician in Dandenong for more information or to request a free quote.

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